Articles of note: American inequality

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24 Oct 2010

Over the past week or so I have stumbled across several references to the debate on inequality in America. I am not sure whether this is a trend or not but I thought it was worth pulling them together. I should emphasise I have not searched for pieces on the subject – if I had I could no doubt have found many more.

The wrong way to think about inequality, Real Clear Markets, by Josh Barro. Discusses “Building a better America – one wealth quintile at a time” by Michael Norton of Harvard Business School and Dan Ariely of Duke University.

The inequality delusion, Business Week, by Drake Bennett.  Also discusses Norton and Ariely paper.

The state of liberalism, New York Times, by Jonathan Alter. Review of several books including Winner-Tall-All Politics by Paul Pierson and Jacob Hacker and Third World America by Arianna Huffington.

Confronting income inequality, New York Times, by Robert Frank.

Gladwell on income inequality: we’re off the rails. Video of Malcolm Gladwell talking at the New Yorker festival.