Prince yearns for feudalism return

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9 Oct 2010

Prince Charles evidently has a new book coming out. In an interview in Vanity Fair he describes the main arguments puts forward in Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World (with Tony Juniper and Ian Skelly).

It should come as no surprise to those who have followed his outbursts that he presents himself as a revolutionary – only the targets of his revolution are modernity and rationalism. It would be more accurate to describe him as yearning for a feudal counter-revolution against capitalist society. I suspect he would prefer to return to a world in which monarchs had absolute power rather than having to listen to upstart commoners.

From what I can gather the book seems to draw together many of the prince’s favourite themes including sustainability, social and environmental business, organic farming and alternative medicine. The interview with Vanity Fair evidently followed shortly after his speech at Oxford University in which he railed against human progress (see 18 June 2010 post).

Those who are really keen can listen to him reading an extract from his new book in his slightly absurd posh British accent.