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Sadly what passes for “investigative journalism” nowadays seems to be stories that would please the government. Yesterday at 8pm Britain’s Channel 4 ran a documentary in its Dispatches series called “How the MoD [Ministry of Defence] wastes our billions”. It argued (probably correctly as it happens) that the ministry has spent billions propping up the […]

Austin Williams, the director of the Future Cities Project and a fellow spiked contributor, has mentioned Ferraris for All in an article for the Bristol Festival of Ideas website.

Anne Applebaum, a foreign affairs columnist for the Washington Post, made some fundamental errors in her piece last week headlined: “For the US, Britain’s austerity is a foreign concept”. First, it is not true that in Britain austerity “has a deep appeal”. I am willing to bet a large sum that the British are generally […]

I am back in Britain after a week promoting the book in America. My itinerary included talking at a lunch at the Cato Institute in Washington DC (see picture) and a dinner discussion at the New York Salon. If Ferraris for All gets any more media coverage as a result of my visit I will […]

I am still in America so I have limited internet access. However, I have had three articles published over the past few days. On Monday my comment in Fund Strategy discussed the myth of a demographic “time bomb. On Wednesday I had a piece on the Guardian’s comment is free site on the comment by […]

Posting is likely to be erratic or even non-existent over the next week or so as I am off to America.

The United States of Inequality, Slate, by Timothy Noah. Start of a series looking at different dimensions of the discussion of inequality in America including government, immigration, race, technology and unions. Reinvigorating the Millennium Development Goals, Finance & Development. A special issue of the International Monetary Fund’s publication looking at the (deeply flawed) international targets […]

Sexy Ferraris

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10 Sep 2010

Evidently Alexandra Burke, winner of ITV’s X-factor singing contest in 2008, turned up at London’s G-A-Y nightclub on Wednesday night in a sleek red Ferrari. According to a report in the Daily Mail: “The 22-year-old singer looked stunning in a tiny gold minidress and metallic heels as she then posed daintily on the bonnet of […]

I will be debating the future of London’s financial centre on 4 October at the British Library in London. Luke Johnson (entrepreneur) and Billy Bragg (musician and activist) will also be on the panel while Paul Mason of the BBC Newsnight programme will chair.

This is a guest post by Ben Hunt; a financial journalist and author of The Timid Corporation (Wiley 2003). Gideon Rachman’s Financial Times article (see yesterday’s post) is the most recent of many to criticise economists, post-financial crisis. Economics, he suggests, has been too heavily focused on forecasting, and economists have wrongly tried to replicate […]