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5 Sep 2010

Me human, you chimp, spiked, by Tim Black. Review of Helene Guldburg’s seminal Just Another Ape?

The greening of Godzilla, American Interest Online, Walter Russell Mead’s blog. On the apparent shift of environmentalists from being against science to being its most avid supporter.

Grow your own, Culture Wars, by Karl Sharro. A critique of the urban farming movement – with a focus on Detroit.

We lose sight of fairness in the false promise of wealth, Guardian – Comment is free, by Ha-Joon Chang. Confuses the particular features of free market economics with the more general need for economic growth.

While the world looks elsewhere, a nation is dying in silence, Independent, by Gordon Brown. Britain’s former prime minister endorses the approach to famines pursued buy the United Nations and non-governmental organisations.