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Charles Dumas, the chairman of Lombard Street Research, has reviewed Ferraris for All for the Financial Times website. It should be in the newspaper tomorrow.

The Five Books website provides an excellent way to get a quick overview of a subject although its claim to make readers an “instant expert” is obviously ridiculous. Its standard format is based on interviewing experts on particular subjects by getting them to recommend five key books. They normally recommend one of their own, and […]

Protests across Europe against austerity should be welcomed in principle. However, it would be wrong to exaggerate their scale or downplay the limitations of their political outlook. Although there have been demonstrations in several European countries – including Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia and Spain – they seem to be relatively small in scale. This […]

…but of the narrow-minded, misanthropic, austerity-loving variety, not the future-oriented Marxist kind. Read my latest article for spiked here.

This is my latest comment from Fund Strategy. One of the most peculiar ideas in investment circles is that consumption growth is driving the development of emerging economies. According to this view the growing demand for consumer goods among the poorer countries is leading them to become richer. Even more strange, and nearly as widespread, […]

The world’s lungs. The Economist. Fairly upbeat comment piece on the prospects for the world’s forests linked to an Economist survey on forestry. No free locavore lunch, Wall Street Journal, by Virginia Postrel. A critical article on the local food movement. Serving up some home truths about food, spiked, by Rob Lyons. A review of […]

I am always happy when Ferraris for All gets publicity but I was surprised to find it mentioned in an article on Irish poetry. Read David Bowden’s spiked review of Seamus Heaney’s Human Chain here.

A Ferrari knit

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23 Sep 2010

Another episode in my occasional series about actual Ferraris – that is the car rather than the metaphor for prosperity. Evidently Lauren Porter, an art student, used 12 miles of wool to knit a life-size model. As the Sun newspaper put it: “Here’s a sports car you could pullover very smartly in”. Hat / tip […]

I regret not having had enough time to write a substantial piece about the special United Nations summit in New York on the Millennium Development Goals. These officially sanctioned targets exemplify the narrow horizons that characterise the mainstream debate on the third world. Sadly, to the extent they are criticised it is usually for being […]

Helene Guldberg¹s recently published Just Another Ape? is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the world from a truly humanist perspective. She makes a convincing case that, despite the superficial similarities, there are enormous differences between humans and apes. For example, she argues that humans have the unique abilityof participating in collective cognition […]