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I will not be writing any more posts this weekend as I am off to Newcastle to speak at the Great Debate event tomorrow. There will be several posts on Monday including a critique of Joseph Stiglitz’s outrageous column in yesterday’s Financial Times and another review of Ferraris for All.

“Food security: feeding the world in 2050”  is the theme of the September 27 issue of The Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society B (biological sciences). The full text of this comprehensive review of the subject, including numerous articles by leading scientists, is freely available.

In another example of the British government’s contempt for democracy (see Tuesday’s post) the public is being given the choice of voting on which cuts they prefer of the 44,000 suggestions evidently submitted to the Treasury. Even these ideas will simply be “considered” rather than binding. The choice of whether or not to have austerity […]

I have written a critique of the new economics – or more accurately “new” economics – for the Economic Policy Centre in London. It is probably best alongside my review of Anatole Kaletsky’s book (see Monday’s post) and my 1 May 2010 post on a genuinely new economics. My Fund Strategy cover story of 30 August […]

The reference by George Osborne, Britain’s chancellor of the exchequer (finance minister), to “deficit deniers” is a blatant attack on the legitimacy of criticisms of the government’s economic policy. In a speech in London today he argued that: “Anyone who is serious about tackling the nation’s debts needs to come forward with an alternative plan. […]

I will be debating Tim Jackson, the author of Prosperity without Growth, on the second day of the Battle of Ideas festival in London on 31 October. Given that he is one of Britain’s most articulate growth sceptics it should be a lively session.

There follows my Fund Strategy review of Anatole Kaletsky’s Capitalism 4.0 (Bloomsbury) It is hard to resist the inclination to exaggerate the importance of contemporary or recent events. Dramatic changes from the immediate past will often overshadow all but the biggest historical developments. Who nowadays, apart from hard core experts, discusses the Asian financial crisis […]

This is my latest comment from Fund Strategy magazine. Do rises in affluence, population or meat consumption necessarily lead to increases in food prices? It is a fair bet, judging by the discussion of the surge in global food prices, that most people would answer “yes”. The correct answer of course is “no”. The key […]

Michael Marmot – one of the world’s leading experts on health inequalities – exhibits the redefinition of inequality in therapeutic terms in an article in today’s Observer. * First, he makes the correct observation that the poor tend to suffer more from ill-health than the rich. * Then he argues it is necessary to get […]

Anti-growth stance a misty nostalgia, the Australian, by Michael Stuchbury. A rebuttal to attacks on growth and fears about immigration in Australia. Don’t let the miserabilists clip humanity’s wings, spiked, by James Woudhuysen. Advanced biofuels could play a big role in tackling the problem of flight and climate change. Can China be green?, the Diplomat. […]