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There follows a full translation of the review of Ferraris for All in the Sunday culture section of Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy’s business daily) on 11 July. Many thanks to Martha Halford for translating the text. Wednesday 14 July Ferraris for All: In Defence of Economic Progress by Daniel Ben-Ami will be launched in […]

The Sunday Times review of Ferraris for All is now available on Bryan Appleyard’s website. Previously it could only be accessed behind the publication’s pay wall.

A horrible “green column” in the New York Times on “rethinking the measure of growth”. Wayne Arnold’s article is essentially an attack on Asian’s drive to develop. His approach is to raise the spectre of possible environmental disasters as an argument against growth. The articles quotes several prominents Asian economists who are sceptical about the […]

The latest survey from the Pew Global Attitudes Project suggests that many people see China’s growing economy as problematic (fourth table down). Some 47% of Americans, 42% of Britons and 58% of Germans see China’s growing economy as a bad thing. Several other countries also feel threatened by China’s economic rise including Turkey (60%), India […]

Matt Ridley, the Rational Optimist, has called Ferraris for All “an important and original book” on his blog. He also says it is a “great read”.

The Economist’s latest Charlemagne column has the headline “calling time on progress”. Although it starts by discussing European attitudes towards progress it soon starts giving its own view. Charlemagne blurs the distinction between short term debt problems and the longer term trend towards progress. In its mind both suggest people living beyond their means: “the […]

I am due to be on the Moncrieff show on Ireland’s Newstalk channel at 4pm tomorrow. It should be possible to listen online. After that down to Brighton for my launch there.

Martha Halford, a native Italian speaker and top book publicist, has done a partial translation of the review of my book in Il Sole 24 Ore, Italy’s business daily (see 12 July post). I cannot imagine any English language review being as poetic as this: Dreaming jokingly of a Ferrari in every garage, Ben-Ami sets […]

These article focus on science and the environment. Green menace, the American, by Blake Hurst. How a coalition of Haitian peasant groups – backed by American funding – are protesting against seeds donated by Monsanto to kick start food production in Haiti. Not even just genetically modified seeds but hybrid seeds too – a technology […]

Bryan Appleyard has reviewed Ferraris for All in today’s Sunday Times (London). Unfortunately I cannot put in a link to it as it is behind a pay wall. I will resist commenting on his criticisms except to say I could not help chuckling at his reference to those who are pro-growth as “Ben-Amists”.