Poetic Italian review

In: Daniel In The News

19 Jul 2010

Martha Halford, a native Italian speaker and top book publicist, has done a partial translation of the review of my book in Il Sole 24 Ore, Italy’s business daily (see 12 July post). I cannot imagine any English language review being as poetic as this:

Dreaming jokingly of a Ferrari in every garage, Ben-Ami sets off with optimism and trust, these two attitudes have contributed to build the best in our world. Both the cynical right and the ineffective left have forgotten about them.

Ben-Ami is conscious that all growth must be sustainable, but also – a simple truth always ignored – only development can put an end to poverty and ignorance.

… Polaris is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor, and it has always shown the way to all those with strong ideas and a strong heart, towards new worlds, new dreams, without misery, pessimism, credulity, and predictable snobbery of the few dyspeptic acolytes of the past. It is the star of joyful hope, bold, brave and happy which will lead the way in Ben-Ami’s book: a most welcome contribution.