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18 Jul 2010

These article focus on science and the environment.

Green menace, the American, by Blake Hurst. How a coalition of Haitian peasant groups – backed by American funding – are protesting against seeds donated by Monsanto to kick start food production in Haiti. Not even just genetically modified seeds but hybrid seeds too – a technology that dates back to the nineteenth century.

Vegeworld: Why eating greens won’t save the planet, New Scientist, by Bob Holmes. Some empirical arguments against the idea that vegetarianism will save the planet including livestock can live on land not suitable for ploughing; pigs and chickens can forage to eat and the disappearance of animal by-products (including leather and manure).

Nuclear fusion – what is it worth? Guardian – comment is free, by Steven Cowley. An argument for heavy investment in a technology that could one day provide unlimited energy.

Malaria proof mosquito engineered, BBC news, by Victoria Gill. Researchers at the University of Arizona have genetically engineered a mosquito to make it resistant to one of the world’s biggest killer diseases: malaria.

Trying to stop cattle burps from heating up the planet, New York Times, by Norimitsu Onishi. Australian scientists are working on making cows’ cuts behave more like kangeroos’ – and therefore emit less greenhouse gases.

Keeping cool and green, Economist How improved technology could make air conditioning much more energy efficient.