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Spiked has published my review of Philippe Legrain’s Aftershock.

Angus Kennedy has reviewed Ferraris for All for the Culture Wars website.

I will be on Thinking Allowed on BBC Radio 4 next week. It will also be available on the internet and on iTunes.

Martin King Whyte, a professor of sociology at Harvard, has written a fascinating sounding study of perceptions of inequality in China. The Myth of the Social Volcano (Stanford UP) is based on the first systematic national survey of Chinese citizins which was carried on in 2004 According to a discussion of the book in the […]

The Brighton Salon, clearly a model of efficiency, has produced a transcript of the Ferraris for All event on 20 July. Many thanks to Sean Bell.

This is my latest comment from Fund Strategy. It is a bit more technical than usual. Critics can easily pick holes in the efficient markets hypothesis (EMH) as an explanation of financial market behaviour (see cover story on p18). But blaming the EMH for the recent economic crisis, as some are doing, is absurd. The […]

I have an article in tomorrow’s Australian on the frequent use of the term “sustainability” in the country’s election debate.

I will be taking part in a debate on the “limits to growth in the 21st century”  at the Green Phoenix Festival in Gibside, near Newcastle (in the north east of England), on Sunday 22 August. The other panellists will be Mike Childs, the head of climate at Friends of the Earth, and Phil O’Keefe, […]

I am writing this to lay claim to having coined the term “green tape” to mean the web of regulations that embody the principle of economic restraint. Notably this would include all regulations based on the notions of sustainability as well as the precautionary principle. I first used the term in print in today’s Guardian […]

The Guardian has published another comment by me on its comment is free site. It argues the British economy needs more growth and infrastructure and less regulation and banker bashing.