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24 JUNE NOTE. AFTER BEING POSTPONED THIS BROADCAST IS NOW BACK ON FOR MONDAY. I will be appearing on The Ode Show, an online audio broadcast on Monday 28 June, on It will be broadcast at 5pm British time, 12 noon in eastern America and 9am on the US Pacific coast.  You can listen […]

My latest spiked article rejects the British government’s view that austerity is unavoidable.

My Fund Strategy cover story on the eurozone is on realclearmarkets today.

The recently published Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard is a rant against prosperity. I have not read the book yet but I have heard her interviewed on the radio and read several articles by her. Back in May 2009 I also wrote a blog post on her original 20-minute video in which I counted […]

This Fund Strategy cover story is my latest attempt to grapple with the crisis of the eurozone economy.

This is my comment from the latest Fund Strategy. Despite all the talk of austerity in this week’s budget the scale of cuts made this year is likely to be small. This is in line with the trend in much of Europe to exaggerate the immediate scale of austerity. At the time of writing the […]

Worldwrite has a new website. The online citizen TV channel promotes reporting by young volunteers on such topics as civil liberties, democracy, the economy, science and social change. It also provides free film training. Regular readers of this website will know that Worldwrite was one of the key inspirations for my book including providing it […]

President of change unwilling to tackle US oil addiction, Der Spiegel, by Gregor Peter Schmitz. A leading German publication endorses the bizarre notion that the world is “addicted” to oil rather than needing it to fuel prosperity. New Jungles Prompt a Debate on Rainforests, New York Times, By Elisabeth Rosenthal. Declining Latin American inequality, Vox, […]

Will Hutton, one of Britain’s best-known economics commentators, shows how limited and conditional opposition to austerity will be in his column in today’s Observer.  He starts by arguing the public should be persuaded of the need for sacrifice before going on to argue that cuts “have to be extremely skilfully implemented and seen to be […]

The more I read Paul Krugman’s work the most I dislike it – and I have read several of his books and countless articles. To me the New York Times columnist and Nobel laureate in economics is the archetypal shrill patriot who sees himself as “liberal” (his description) and cosmopolitan. His hawkishness has become increasingly […]