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16 May 2010

’Making a difference’: volunteer tourism and development (only abstract available on internet), Tourism Recreation Research 35(1), by Jim Butcher and Peter Smith. A look at changing perceptions of development through the debate about volunteer tourism.  I have added this reference, along with Jim Butcher’s 2002 book on The Moralisation of Tourism and his Ecotourism, NGOs and Development (2007), to my 1 May 2010 post on a genuinely new economics.

Living in denial: questioning science isn’t blasphemy, New Scientist, by Michael Fitzpatrick. Part of a special report on the “Age of denial”.

The message from the glaciers, New York Review of Books, by Orville Schell. A one-sided and alarmist article but contains many useful references on the climate change debate.

How the science of global warming was compromised, Der Spiegel, by Axel Bojanowski. A detailed investigation into recent disputes.

Q&A: the population guru. New York Times green blog, by Jim Witkin. An interview with Paul Ehrlich, veteran Malthusian and arch doom-monger.

Special issue on malaria and tuberculosis. Science.