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The World Bank has published its World Development Indicators (WDI) 2010.  The database consists of over 900 indicators for all of the world’s countries covering education, health, poverty, the economy, trade and more. Even more welcome is the news that the database will be made freely available to all. Hundreds of the indicators go back 50 […]

A useful list of development blogs and websites from Owen Barder. Valuable sources for anyone interested in following the world’s poorer countries.

Here is my latest comment from Fund Strategy. The world economy is suffering from responsibility evasion. Most governments are hoping that other countries will bear most of the weight of generating a global recovery. Global imbalances are probably the clearest example of this trend. Most experts in America and Britain – trade deficit countries – […]

An unintentionally funny article by Michael Hirsh in Newsweek headlined “blame the economists”.  He described how a brave group of subversives are standing up to the powerful ideology of “free market fundamentalism” and its wealthy backers on Wall Street: “The inaugural gathering of the Institute for New Economic Thinking [Inet], held in the same stately […]

War was declared against Amartya Sen last night. Some of the participants at the Westminster seminar on redefining inequality (see events page), including me, decided it is time to challenge the Nobel prize winning economist. It is nothing personal. Judging by Sen’s performance in lectures he seems like the epitome of an Indian gentleman academic. […]

Yesterday I gave a 90 second “husting” as part of an Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) event on the upcoming British election. I decided to talk about the “airport test” as a key criterion for deciding which political party to support. My point was that a willingness to build and expand airports was a good […]

A poisonous article attacking economic growth and promoting steady state economics. However, it does include some key references in the contemporary debate.

I do not know of a more sanctimonious, smug and misanthropic newspaper than the Guardian. It epitomises the elite’s view of itself as liberal and cosmopolitan while everyone else is seen as ignorant, degenerate or both. Having said that I was pleasantly surprised by an article published on the newspaper’s website on Sunday entitled “the […]

Here is my latest comment from Fund Strategy. Numbers can be an essential aid to understanding financial markets and economies. They can also be highly misleading. One of the most valuable aids to gauging the size and performance of economies is GDP. It should only be seen as a rough estimate of economic output but […]

The rise of the new paternalism, Cato Unbound, by Glen Whitman (lead essay in a special issue on “libertarian paternalism”). Stopping malaria with a chastity belt, Miller-McCune, by Judith Reitman. Con: Earth is never in equilibrium,, by Richard Lindzen. ‘No, I am the true saviour of the world!’, spiked, by Nathalie Rothschild. Election 2010: […]