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There follows my Fund Strategy review of Freefall by Joseph Stiglitz, one of several Nobel prize winning growth sceptics. For a contrasting review – although one I entirely agree with – see Sean Collins’ recent piece on spiked. Joseph Stiglitz is a living paradox. A consummate economics insider who is also one of the most […]

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29 Mar 2010

After a few unexpected technical glitches I really have launched my new website at its correct address. Any comments and criticisms welcome. Immense thanks to Ally Lee for his design skills and technical expertise.

Here is my comment from this week’s Fund Strategy. A key factor determining the health of any economy is its capacity to innovate. This means not only its ability to come up with new ideas but also to put them into practice. From this perspective, the section of Alistair Darling’s budget speech that dealt with […]

This site will probably go offline temporarily tomorrow (Monday) evening London time. Before too long it should be live again after fully migrating to the address. For technical reasons the transition has been more difficult than I expected. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

I have joined – a social networking site for academics – to see if I can use it to discuss growth scepticism with other researchers. My Academia webpage can be found here.

The more, the better, Wall Street Journal, by Joel Kotkin. Response to Arundhati Roy, Kafila, by Jairus Banaji. (see 28 February 2010 post). The thrill of science, tamed by agendas, New York Times, Edward Rothstein. Searching for water under the sands of Saudi Arabia. Spiegel, by Samiha Shafy. Scientists call for ‘climate intervention’ research with […]

Brendan O’Neill’s latest review on spiked is a must-read. It eloquently describes how some influential greens, including Fred Pearce and George Monbiot, are attacking Malthus as a way of rehabilitating Malthusianism. Their argument is that the main problem facing the planet is not so much the number of people but their desire to consume things. […]

Tim Jackson, one of the British government’s leading advisers on sustainability, has publically called me crazy.  Responding to my contribution from the floor to a debate at the RSA in London (comment after about 61 minutes) on his work he said that: “From the things you’ve written and indeed from the title of your book, […]

The phrase “Ferraris For All” is meant to suggest that everyone should have access to the best the world has to offer. But perhaps it does not go far enough. A Japanese Lamborghini enthusiast has evidently built a house with a nine car garage with a special lift so he can admire a car of […]

What’s left?

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25 Mar 2010

Nowadays the elite typically sees itself as liberal and cosmopolitan. But despite the radical rhetoric it is easily the most conservative section of society. Take a couple of examples. The Left Foot Forward blog identifies itself as “a political blog for progressives” (its American sister site is Its editor is Will Straw, the son […]