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An example of the growth scepticism of Arundhati Roy, a leading Indian writer and social campaigner, in an article in Outlook India. Roy moves from criticising the Indian government’s repressive military campaign against “Maoists” in Orissa (which she suggests is actually against indigenous people), to a discussion of the vested interests of mining companies in […]

Frank Furedi’s latest review on spiked criticises David Willetts, one of Britain’s few intellectual members of parliament, for the neo-Malthusian views expressed in his new book. According to the review The Pinch: “is based on a depletionist theory of economic history. In line with the Malthusian model, The Pinch presents resources as being entirely fixed […]

Part one of an interesting critique of the New Economics Foundation’s Growth Isn’t Possible by Matthew Lockwood of the Institute for Public Policy Research, an influential British think thank. I look forward to seeing part two. Back on 6 April 2007 I wrote a short critical blog post on Lockwood’s apparently radical views on Africa.

Watch the latest items on the Worldbytes internet television channel including a report on how Mumbai is embracing consumerism, an item challenging sustainable development and a defence of the freedom to film in public.

Spiked has run a review by me of two books arguing that governments should be guided by research on happiness and well-being. My take on it is apparent from the headline: “It’s better to be a dissatisfied human than a satisfied pig”.

My publisher tells me it will publish my book a month later than originally planned. It will be out in July rather than June.

America’s EF Schumacher Society is transforming itself into the New Economics Institute. The name change seems to at least partly reflect a closer link with Britain’s New Economics Foundation (NEF). Stewart Wallis, the executive director of the NEF, is on the board of the new organisation. Among those involved in the new organisation are Gar […]

This is my comment from this week’s Fund Strategy. The main focus of the debate on economic policy in the run-up to the election is becoming increasingly clear. More importantly it is apparent what will be virtually ignored. Fiscal policy will be the overwhelming centre of attention in the election debate. More precisely it will […]

Kate Pickett, co author of The Spirit Level, mentions this website in an interview in the Boston Globe. For my review of her book see the link here.

An interesting article in the Times (London) on how green ideas are exacerbating rifts within families. For example, whether it is environmentally correct to own a dog or cook using an Aga. Of course all families have rifts occasionally but it is easy to see why green ideas can make them worse. For a start […]