More growth sceptic tomes

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2 Apr 2009

Three more substantial and high profile contributions to the vast growth sceptic canon have recently been published in Britain:

Anthony Giddens The Politics of Climate Change (Polity Press). View of an influential sociologist and government adviser.

Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save (Picador) argues the rich should give more to the global poor. In doing so it seems to assume there is only a fixed amount of resources to go round.

Nicholas’s Stern’s Blueprint for a Safer Planet (Bodley Head) updates his argument on the economics of climate change.

It constantly amazes me how authors of such books typically present their arguments as if they are unorthodox. They are without doubt purveyors of today’s mainstream consensus.

On a more positive note Mike Hulme’s Why We Disagree about Climate Change (Cambridge University Press) looks set to be a measured contribution to the discussion.

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