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Just saw Slumdog Millionaire, Danny Boyle’s film about an 18-year-old from the slums of Bombay who overcomes adversity to win the Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? The film does not have a explicit political message but there is something unhealthy about its obsession with India’s urban squalor. The characters tend to […]

Who every said environmentalism need not be elitist (see 18 January post)? According to an article on the ABC News website the following is available to well-heeled greens who want to attend Barack Obama’s inauguration as president: “The Ritz-Carlton sold a “Politically Correct” package for $50,000, which includes four nights in one of the hotel’s […]

The following comment by me appeared in the latest Fund Strategy (19 January). The pilot who landed his damaged aeroplane on New York’s Hudson river without suffering any casualties performed a remarkable feat. It is unlikely that Barack Obama will prove so lucky or so skillful in his stewardship of America’s ailing economy. Obama was […]

Can there be a non-elitist environmentalism? The is the question posed, implicitly at least, by an article on Greening the ghetto in the New Yorker. The piece is a profile of Van Jones, the founder and president of Green for All, a California-based “national organization dedicated to building an inclusive green economy strong enough to […]

I have added three new websites to my links library – Ben Goldacre’s weekly Bad Science column in the Guardian, Planet Gore and Sense About Science – and deleted a couple of dead ones. The links can be found in the left hand column. Any suggestions for new ones are welcome.

Barbara Ehrenreich writes on the “growing clout of the nouveau poor” in the Nation, a radical American weekly magazine. She is probably right to argue that: “the ranks of the poor are swelling every day with failed business owners, office workers, salespeople and long-time homeowners”. However, she is wrong to assume that simply because the […]

The current issue of New Scientist has an interesting article by Jessica Marshall, an American science writer, on “Is it really bad to be sad?”. She draws on the work of Jerome Wakefield, among others, to show that sadness is an important part of the human condition (see posts of 22 December 2007 and 6 […]

Real Clear Markets has published my latest comment from Fund Strategy.

The following comment by me appeared in the latest Fund Strategy (12 January). There is no doubting the theme of last week’s economics discussions: how can economies be boosted to offset the effects of the downturn? Such a limited outlook overlooks practical and more fundamental problems. In Britain the focus was on the Bank of […]

The following book review by me appeared in the latest Fund Strategy (12 January). Paul Krugman is probably the most influential economist in the world today. Not only did he win the 2008 Nobel prize for economics but he also has a column in the New York Times. He used the latter as a platform […]