Rock sucks up carbon

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14 Nov 2008

Given the hysteria around climate change it might be expected that the news of a rock that absorbs vast quantities of carbon dioxide should get more publicity, According to a story in the Economist (15 November):

“There is … a rock that is happy to gobble it up, and according to the latest research its appetite for the greenhouse gas is not only massive but could also be increased by a little human intervention.

“The rock is peridotite, which is one of the main rocks in the upper mantle, an area that provides a girth below the Earth’s crust. The rock occurs some 20km or more down, although in areas where plate tectonics have forced up some of the mantle, peridotite reaches the surface.”

Then again perhaps the hysteria-mongers are not interested in solutions. They just want to give moralising lectures about how we should run our lives.

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