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Have just caught up with the first episode of Simon Schama’s BBC television documentary series on “The American Future: A History”. It might more accurately be called “reinterpreting American history to fit today’s culture of low expectations”. The episode on “American plenty” focused on how America has, sensibly in Schama’s view, come to accept the […]

William Tucker argues in an article in the American Spectator that Paul Krugman’s contention that inequality is widening in America – a view that has influenced Barack Obama – is wrong. Tucker starts by pointing out that absolute living standards in America are rising: “One out of every twelve Americans annually visits Disney World, making […]

The New York Times has a scary article on the new climate change exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The Times argues that the exhibition is catastrophist in its tone: “There are real issues to be considered here — questions about probabilities, alternative technologies, industrial evolution, relationships between developed and […]

This evening I was interviewed by Al Jazeera on this week’s market and economic developments.

Just as the world appears to be on the edge of an economic downturn New Scientist (18 October) comes along with a special issue on “The folly of growth”. Its online edition edition is even bleaker with a headline of “How our economy is killing the earth”. It seems to be based on the hoary […]

The backdrop to the 2008 Booker Prize Winner, White Tiger by Aravind Adiga, is evidently inequality and getting rich in India. I could be wrong but it sounds relevant to the growth sceptic discussion. The chairman of the award judges was Michael Portillo, a former Conservative politician in Britain, so it should not be surprising […]

A couple of belated references I have only just got round to adding in: *The Economist (11 October) and Financial Times (10 October) have both published their annual surveys on the world economy to coincide with the IMF / World Bank meeting. *Tim Worstall had a useful piece on the Guardian Comment is Free site […]

Real Clear Markets and Times Comment Central have picked up my article on yesterday’s spiked.

Spiked has published my latest article on the financial crisis. It looks at “why the bear markets are talking bull”.

Just a reminder I will be speaking in the session growing pains: the pros and cons of economic dynamism at the Battle of Ideas festival at the Royal College of Art, London on 1-2 November. Other speakers in that session include Martin Wolf of the Financial Times, Paul Mason of BBC Newsnight and Ha-Joon Chang […]