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Development Redefined, a new book by Robin Broad and John Cavanagh, promises to provide a critique of the Washington Consensus or “market fundamentalism”. Unfortunately, judging by its endorsements – including Walden Bello, Naomi Klein and Vandana Shiva – it is likely to prove even more conservative than the ideas it criticises.

Duncan Green of Oxfam GB has started a blog on development issues. Given the substantial (and often pernicious) influence of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in development it will probably prove worth monitoring. Oxfam is one of the most influential of such organisations. On Green’s recent book on development see my 22 June 2008 post.

Real Clear Markets has picked up my Spiked myths article in its “off the street” section today.

Spiked has published an expanded version by me of yesterday’s post on myths about the Wall Street crisis.

Since the troubles on Wall Street at the weekend many key notions have been repeated as the accepted wisdom. However, on closer examination they are both old and inaccurate. * Myth one: recent developments prove that Wall Street is nothing but a giant casino. This notion was stated explicitly by John McCain, the Republican candidate […]

The following comment by me appeared in this week’s Fund Strategy Although I think the argument is more valid than ever it has been over-taken by events over the weekend including the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the takeover of Merrill Lynch. To me all of these developments reinforce the argument that “neo-liberalism” is a […]

Charles Dumas of Lombard Street Research joins those who bemoan the lack of a free market reaction to Wall Street’s problems. In an article in the Telegraph he argues that: “Free markets have been abandoned in America at the crucial hour by their chief exemplars, the financial masters of the universe.” Dumas also says that: […]

The Economist (11 September) notes a significant shift in the environmentalist attitude towards climate change. Rather than just pushing mitigation they are also promoting adaptation as a complement to it. To quote the opening paragraph of the article: “‘I used to think adaptation subtracted from our efforts on prevention. But I’ve changed my mind,’ says […]

Anatole Kaletsky, an associate editor of the Times (London), argues in an article today that the nationalisation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in America represents a ditching of faith in the free market: “just as the triumph appeared to be complete the innermost sanctum of the global capitalist system suddenly collapsed.” He goes on: […]

An interesting article by Sameer Panya in Miller McCune on apocalyptic visions in movies, popular books and TV. Examples he points to include the Dark Knight (the latest Batman movie – evidently shows the Joker trying to destroy the world for sheer pleasure), Wall-E (see my post of 21 July 2008), Battlestar Gallactica (the recent […]