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The Growth Commission has launched a blog.

The following is my latest comment from Fund Strategy. An unfortunate feature of the discussion of the financial crisis is the tendency to blame greedy individuals for the problems. This is in contrast to discussions in the past when such difficulties were seen as more systemic. More than ever before the responsibility for the crisis […]

The following Fund Strategy news story by me sums up the current orthodoxy on the global economy. The world economy is likely to enjoy a gradual recovery in 2009 despite the financial turmoil, according to a senior figure at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). John Lipsky, the first deputy managing director of the IMF, told […]

The recent Oxfam International paper on Climate Wrongs and Human Rights is a classic example of how an apparently ambitious approach to development has curtailed ambitions. It looks at climate change as violating basic human rights such as the right to life and security, the right to food, the right to subsistence and the right […]

According to the International Communications Union the number of mobile phone users worldwide should reach about four billion by the end of 2008. That is 61% of the world’s population against only 12% in 2000. That is a fantastic achievement for global development. The quicker it reaches 100% the better. As I have consistently argued […]

I am due to appear on BBC television this evening talking about the role of greed in the current financial crisis. Naturally I will be arguing that it is not the driving force behind the market turmoil. I am scheduled to be on BBC World at 7.30pm (London time) and later on the BBC News […]

Phil Mullan has an excellent article on the current financial crisis on spiked. The thrust of his argument is that the current climate of risk aversion is exacerbating what would otherwise be a more limited crisis. Politicians and the financial authorities have simply reacted in an over-anxious way while financial institutions have ceased lending to […]

Who has the Financial Times got blogging on this week’s Millennium Development Goals conference at the United Nations in New York? None other than Bono and his sidekick, Professor Jeffrey Sachs. Bono describes his week ahead as follows: “A sleepless cocktail of rabble-rousing, meetings with politicians, chief executives, faith leaders and NGOs. People such as […]

This week’s Economist (20 September) includes a survey on globalisation. Its focus is the growing importance of multinational companies from emerging economy countries.

Recent financial market volatility has prompted a debate about the future of capitalism. The BBC has even done a vox pop on it. But there is less to the discussion than first appears. No one is arguing for a replacement of the market system with something else. Instead the discussion is really about new forms […]