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24 Jul 2008

This is evidently my 505th post since my first on 16 July 2006. Over the past two years the most popular tags I have used include economics (161), environment (128) and development (125). Inequality manages 88 and happiness 71. In terms of regions I seem most interested in America (58), China (47), Africa (38) and India (27). The generic Asia heading has 29 tags while Europe only manages seven (probably because of my lack of knowledge of the continent).

Any comments on what I have done in the past two years are welcome. Clearly I have developed a particular style of writing for the blog – essentially using it as an extended notepad with links. Do people find this useful? Any ideas about how I can improve things? Whether I know you or not I would value your opinion. It is always useful to have reader feedback. I can be emailed from HERE.

I am acutely conscious that my “temporary” layout has proved fairly permanent. I do hope to create a bespoke website at some point but realistically it will be a while. If only I had more time and resources. There are also various technical glitches (lack of a search facility or RSS feed) that I should get fixed before moving to an improved site.

For those who are interested I am hoping to sign a book contract with a smallish publisher soon. Several high profile publishers have expressed interest in the project but then backed away. I suspect that the controversial nature of the arguments is at least part of the explanation.

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