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I will be speaking on happiness at the Brighton Salon on the evening of 23 April.

It is sad that New Scientist magazine seems to have swallowed environmentalist prejudices whole. The editorial in the latest issue (5 April) is a defence of The Limits to Growth, a key 1972 report arguing that there are natural limits to economic growth. It describes the report as warning that with growing population and an […]

BBC online decided to lead its news coverage of Britain’s latest Social Trends report (PDF) with Easterlin’s paradox: that beyond a certain point happiness does not rise with incomes. Given that Richard Easterlin formulated the paradox in the early 1970s, and it has been repeated many times since, it is hard to see how it […]

I must receive many thousands of press releases every year but one last week from Cooperative Financial Services must rank among the most despicable. It started by revealing that “the British workforce spends a staggering £162 million on lunch every day”. It then calculated that this figure represents an average of £5.503 per day, which […]

A bizarre alliance is emerging between those who run the 1.5m small farms in Poland and British eco-toffs, if the International Herald Tribune is to be believed. A front page story yesterday started with the description of a small Polish farmer: “He keeps his livestock in a straw-floored “barn” that is part of his house, […]

A perverse footnote to the recent immigration debate in Britain. Richard Layard, otherwise known as Labour’s “happiness czar”, was a member of the House of Lords committee which produced a report arguing that immigration is of no net economic benefit to Britain. In effect it was supporting the call for tighter immigration controls. No concern […]