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AA Gill, the restaurant critic of the Sunday Times (London), has written an excellent review making what should be an obvious point – but sadly is not – that water is the ultimate recylable commodity (9 March): “All the water that ever was, every ice-age glacier, every princess’s tear, every rill, gill, brook, beck and […]

Spiked has published my essay on why China’s environmental problems do not make it a “green peril”. It is based my talk to the China Development Society of the London School of Economics Students Union and part of a spiked campaign against China-bashing.

The cover story of today’s New York Times magazine looks at celebrities and the causes they support. It focuses particularly on Natalie Portman as she is evidently an “ambassador” for the Foundation for International Community Assistance (Finca) a microfinance organisation. Others mentioned in the piece include Bono, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. No […]

Dolan Cummings of the Institute of Ideas has an astute review essay on the Culture Wars website on contemporary capitalism and anti-capitalism. He argues that: “That the defence of capitalism takes the form of an apology is nothing new, but the critique made today is very different from that of traditional anti-capitalism. While in the […]

There follows a comment by me from this week’s Fund Strategy. It is related to the news analysis on rising food prices that I posted yesterday. Thomas Malthus, who more than anyone else popularised the idea that population grows faster than food supply, died in 1834. It is a tragedy that so many people now […]

There follows part of a news analysis by me on rising food prices from this week’s Fund Strategy. While Borat enjoyed mocking America, last week’s news from that comedy character’s “home” country, Kazakhstan, was far from a joke. The price of wheat being exported from Kazakhstan, one of the world’s largest exporters of the grain, […]

Frank Furedi has written a generally positive but critical review of James Heartfield’s Green Capitalism for the February spiked review of books. On the positive side he praises Heartfield’s critique of green consumerism. Furedi endorses the view that the critics of consumerism are as obsessed with consumption as the most ardent brand junkies: “Ironically, green […]