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I am reminded that this year is the 75th anniversary of a famous essay (PDF) on economic methodology by Lionel Robbins of the London School of Economics. In it he defined economics as “the science which studies human behavior as a relationship between scarce means which have alternative uses”. The starting point of scarcity is […]

Cheap food is one of the great achievements of humanity. Despite the sneering of environmentalists the available of cheap and abundant food – at least in the developed world – is to be celebrated. Thanks to enormous increases in productivity we no longer live on the edge of starvation. It is therefore worrying that food […]

An international opinion poll conducted in 20 countries by GfK Research on behalf of the Wall Street Journal Europe shows how gloomy contemporary opinion tends to be. According to the main article in Friday’s (7 December) Weekend Journal Europe: “the most surprising detail of the survey statistics was the overall negative outlook. “It is striking […]

Tessa Mayes has written on Culture Wars about the meeting I spoke at in November at the Institute of Contemporary Art on the global working class.

This week Fund Strategy published the following comment by me on Prince Charles’ initiative in relation to the United Nations summit on climate change in Bali. The one interesting thing in Prince Charles’s article on climate change in the Financial Times last week was his admission that he favoured lower living standards: “Many of us […]

I have just discovered that the monograph by Helen Johns and Paul Ormerod on Happiness, Economics and Public Policy (Published by the Institute of Economic Affairs) is available to download from the internet. The report is a useful critique of the mainstream happiness discussion from a technical economic perspective. It is also a good source […]