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A new documentary from Worldwrite, an education charity, examines the question of corruption from an African perspective. In Corruptababble two young South Africans, Brendon and Yolanda, travel around London and Edinburgh to gauge perceptions of corruption. Virtually everyone they speak to sees corruption as a big problem in Africa but few come even close to […]

Martin Wolf has a characteristically astute piece on global inequality in today’s Financial Times. He makes a distinction between a capitalism where wealth is generated on the back of political connections combined with resistance to competition and the normal operation of the market. Carlos Slim, a Mexican who is the richest man in the world […]

There is a useful new website tracking progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals. I am no fan of the goals but, since they are the official targets endorsed by world leaders, it is useful to know more about them.

It is frustrating that two recent key books in the growth sceptic genre are not yet available in Britain. From what I can gather Paul Krugman’s The Conscience of a Liberal focuses more on politics than economics. Krugman, a New York Times columnist and professor of economics at Princeton, apparently blames fundamentalist Republicanism for widening […]

In the discussion on India mentioned below (see 28 October post) I argued that it did not follow from widening inequalities that the poor were necessarily getting poorer. On the contrary, what seems to be happening is a rise in absolute living standards for the bulk of the population at the same time as a […]