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I will be part of a panel discussing happiness at a meeting at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) in London at lunchtime on 6 December. The other panellists are David Willets (a Conservative MP) and Paul Ormerod (an economist).

The World Bank has produced a useful website which pulls together numerous statistics on African development.

Fusion now!

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25 Nov 2007

Nuclear fusion is virtually forgotten in the popular discussion of energy yet it offers the prospect of abundant, clean power. For that reason the FUSION NOW! exhibition at the Rokeby gallery in London till 20 December, curated by JJ Charlesworth of the Manifesto Club, is particularly welcome. There is also an accompanying text (PDF) with […]

On Thursday I will be debating the virtues of America at a Manifesto Club event timed to coincide with Thanksgiving. My brief is to talk on the importance of mass consumption and production. I have also contributed to a Spiked article on the subject.

Today’s Fund Strategy includes a comment by me on the revision of statistics on the size of Chinese and Indian economies. Last week’s biggest economic news got hardly any attention. Both China and India are about 40% smaller than they were. Also global economic growth was half a percentage point less than previous assumed. Never […]

The happiness conference circuit is, it seems, incredibly busy. This coming Monday and Tuesday there is a two-day conference in Brussels on “Beyond GDP” hosted by the European Commission, European Parliament, Club of Rome, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and World Wildlife Fund. The conference can be watched by webcast via its website. […]

Spiked has published an article by me on the global working class. It relates to the debate I am taking part in on the subject at the Institute of Contemporary Art on 20 November.

The World Bank has endorsed Bhutan’s goal of pursuing Gross National Happiness rather than economic growth. India’s Economic Times quotes Graeme Wheeler, the World Bank’s Managing Director (Operations), on a visit to the Himalayan nation, as saying: “Bhutan has been practising what other countries need to do. We need to extend the concept of gross […]

Today’s Fund Strategy includes a review by me of a book on India and China. The rise of China and India has, apart from anything else, produced a booming economy of books designed to introduce the countries to western readers. Robyn Meredith’s The Elephant and the Dragon is one of the best of the genre. […]

My comment in the latest Fund Strategy argues that the increase in energy demand should be a cause for job rather than gloom. The 2007 World Energy Outlook from the International Energy Agency describes the rapid growth in energy demand as “alarming”. A better phrase would be “wonderful”. Greater energy use should be welcomed because […]