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My comment in the latest issue of Fund Strategy argues that the long-term economic growth of developing countries is far more important than short-term market volatility. In the midst of the anxiety about a global credit crunch it is worth dwelling on some good news. The gap between the developed countries and the developing world […]

There follows my review of Fantasy Island by Larry Elliott and Dan Atkinson (Constable & Robinson 2007) in the 10 September issue of Fund Strategy. Larry Elliott and Dan Atkinson see Tony Blair as having turned Britain into a “fantasy island” during his decade in office. The two economics editors, Elliott at the Guardian and […]

Helene Guldberg writing in the latest spiked review of books reviews several works arguing, among other things, that affluence is damaging children’s lives. Guldberg counters that the problems are exaggerated and on balance children have benefited immensely from greater affluence. A particularly interesting passage looks at how the idea of childhood can be seen as […]

The Trade and Development Report 2007 from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad) has useful statistics on economic growth and inequality. For example, to quote one of the accompanying press releases: “the per capita gross domestic product (GDP) in developing countries increased by almost 30% between 2003 and 2007, compared to 10% […]

The September 2007 issue of Finance & Development, a quarterly publication from the International Monetary Fund, includes some interesting articles on the global trend towards urbanisation. Highlights include Martin Ravallion, the director of the development research group of the World Bank, arguing that, if anything, an even faster pace of urbanisation is needed. There are […]

There follows a news analysis by me for Fund Strategy on investment in Africa. Parts of it are technical but it is mostly accessible to general readers. There was also a related comment piece. Fund groups seem to be taking Africa seriously at last. New Star recently let it be known that it is seeking […]

The increasingly shrill attacks on China’s environmental record are staggering (see posts of 23 July, 24 July and 10 August). Elizabeth Economy, the author of a book on China’s environmental record, has written an essay for Foreign Affairs arguing argue bottom-up reforms are needed if China is to address its poor record. She sees the […]