The FT goes green

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30 Apr 2007

The Financial Times seems to have turned into the Big Issue. Its Saturday magazine was on the theme of “Can England’s middle classes save the planet?”. It started with a column by Falk Beyer, a man who survives by scavenging rubbish bins (I’m not making this up!). According to Beyer: “I am not a poor beggar. I eat food out of garbage containers to protest against overconsumption, the capitalistic society, and the exploitation and environmental destruction it causes.”

Clearly Beyer does not appreciate the irony of his statement. No previous type of society would be rich enough to provide sufficient waste food for his like to live on. His whinge sets the tone for the rest of the magazine including its interview with James Lovelock and a piece on the efforts of the village of Ashton Hayes to go carbon neutral.

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