Happy Danes

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29 Apr 2007

Researchers in the economics faculty of the University of Cambridge have confirmed Denmark is the happiest place in the European Union. The research, led by Dr Luisa Corrado, is based on the European Social Survey into well-being, which began in 2002. To quote the press release:

“Women generally classed themselves as happier than men, while the old and young tended to be happier than people in their middle years.

“The Cambridge team has now begun to analyse what makes people in some countries happier than others. One of the most consistent trends is that those with the highest levels of happiness also reported the highest levels of trust in their governments, the police and the justice system, as well as those around them. Happier people also tended to have plenty of friends and acquaintances, as well as at least one very close friend, or a partner.”

A (highly mathematical) paper co-authored by Dr Corrado on the subject is available on the Cambridge University website.

For an earlier reference on Denmark and happiness see my post of 11 August 2006 and my spiked article of 7 August.

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