Redefining global inequality

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13 Mar 2007

A seminar held by the Organization of American States (OAS) yesterday showed how global inequality has been redefined. Rather than seeing economic development as positive in itself the emphasis is on poverty reduction as a way of maintaining social cohesion. It becomes recast as more to do with crime than economics.

Quoting José Miguel Insulza, the OAS secretary general, the official press release said:

“The governments must promote greater participation and aim toward establishing more inclusive public policies, in order to promote greater social cohesion and stability of the political system. When high levels of inequality and exclusion converge, democratic governance faces certain risks.”

He added that “it is truly imperative to break the vicious cycle of inequality, crime and discrimination,” and “a more balanced distribution of resources and prosperity is an essential requirement to raise the levels of security for all in the region.”

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