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Looking again at the material from the recent World Economic Forum the references to the Limits to Growth report are interesting. The 1972 report from the Club of Rome advocated zero economic growth and predicted dire consequences as a result of humanity’s increasing use of resources. In contrast, at the opening address at Davos the […]

The news coverage on the release of the new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report (in fact the policymakers’ summary) is obsessed with the idea that humans have probably caused climate change. What does not seem to have occurred to the media is that humans are the solution too. More development and better technology are […]

Today spiked published an article by me on Davos 2007. It argued that the professed concern about the stagnating wages of Western workers at the elite conference was primarily a way of expressing fears about Asian development.

This morning I appeared on Sky News debating Friends of the Earth on the raising of air taxes which came into effect today. I argued against the taxes on two grounds. First, they were in effect a form of rationing which would discourage people from flying. Second, to the extent that climate change is a […]