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Yesterday Fund Strategy published a cover story by me on the euro-zone and a related comment. They were, strictly speaking, more about economics generally rather than growth scepticism but I thought they might be of interest. The cover story is too long to post here (and there is no direct link) but I have pasted […]

Spiked has published my review of Affluenza by Oliver James. It argues that it is more likely that Oliver James is mentally disturbed rather than, as he implies, the rest of us.

The cover story of the current New Scientist (24 February 2007) is on ways to make flying cleaner. It includes discussion of such technology as strut-braced wings, laminar flow control, fast forward and the flying wing. The piece, by Bennett Daviss, takes a sceptical view on whether such technologies will ever be implemented. But at […]

Yesterday went to a meeting organised by Compass, which describes itself as a “democratic left pressure group”, on the politics of well-being. The main luminaries were Oliver James, the author of Affluenza and Professor Richard Layard. What struck me was the ease with which they moved from the existence of mass affluence to the assumption […]

I have not made any entries in the last few days as I have been on holiday in Istanbul. In that time a lot has happened which I hope to catch up on including a piece by Martin Wolf in the Financial Times on American inequality and the Unicef report on child well-being. But Istanbul […]

Today Fund Strategy published a comment by me on global inequality: Is the world, and particularly America, as unequal as often assumed? And what are the investment implications of such inequality? Before examining these questions it is important to be clear about definitions. Terminological confusion abounds in this area more than in most others. Fortunately […]

The New York Salon is having a public meeting on “the human footprint” this coming Tuesday. I wish I could go along but I will be on the other side of the Atlantic.

Nico Macdonald has provided a useful summary of a discussion on work-life balance on yesterday’s BBC Radio 4 Today programme: “New research claims that it is getting harder to manage a work life balance.” On need for more support for working couples with children, and for carers. Discussion with Jenny Watson, Chair Equal Opportunities Commission, […]

Occasionally official financial institutions publish interesting though (metaphorically) dusty documents. Yesterday Ben Bernanke, the chairman of America’s Federal Reserve, gave a speech on economic well-being in America. It examined both absolute rises in wealth and widening inequality over the past three decades or so. The day before Prakash Loungani of the external relations department of […]

There follows a comment by me from today’s issue of Fund Strategy on the response to the latest official report on climate change. Media coverage of the new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report shows how low public debate has sunk.Almost every publication led on the “news” that climate change was probably largely man-made. Its […]