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There follows a news analysis by me from today’s issue of Fund Strategy. It starts to examine, in a schematic way, the particular character of the current period of strong global economic growth. It has become commonplace to assert that for the past four years the world economy has grown at its fastest rate since […]

In Wednesday’s University of Westminster seminar on Amartya Sen (see 4 January dispatch) I argued that the Nobel prize-winning economist is key growth sceptic thinker. His Development as Freedom redefines development from being a process of social transformation (traditional to modern, rural to urban, agrarian to industrial etc) to a series of individual entitlements. He […]

The Economist (27 January) makes one clear point and one big error in its coverage of “the greening of America”. It is certainly true that America is moving closer to the European view that managing energy demand is the best way to tackle climate change. However, America long ago embraced environmentalism as a mainstream ideology. […]

Many of the world’s elite gathered in Davos this week for the World Economic Forum expressed strange concerns for the stagnating wages of Western workers. According to articles in the Guardian and the Wall Street Journal (25 January, subscription required) they are worried that the rise of China and India will hit developed country wages. […]

This morning I debated Oliver James, the author of a new book on “affluenza” on the Radio 4 Today programme (programme available on its website for the next seven days). His argument is that affluence is increasingly making us sick. Nico Macdonald has produced a summary of our debate which is available here. James has […]

More confirmation that America seems to be moving towards the European consensus on dealing with climate change. According to a substantial feature in today’s Financial Times the president will mention global warming in his State of the Union speech this evening – something he has not done in the past five – and link it […]

It seems that America is moving ever closer towards the European consensus on climate change. According to a leader in today’s New York Times: * Four major bills have recently been offered to the Senate calling for mandatory controls on emissions of carbon dioxide. * Last week 10 big companies joined an informal coalition to […]

The Economist (20 January) has a comment and several related articles on the raging debate (at least in some quarters) on inequality and wage stagnation. It starts with the common observation that executive pay is growing rapidly while the real wages of American workers are growing much slower than productivity. In the rich world the […]

Spiked has published my interview with Indur Goklany, the author of the excellent The Improving State of the World (Cato 2007).

My review of Indur Goklany’s Improving the State of the World (Cato 2007) for Fund Strategy magazine (15 January 2007) can be found below. An article based on an interview with Goklany should appear in spiked later on this week: One of the great tragedies of contemporary life is that we are gripped by what […]