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A despicable attack on China for providing cheap loans to Africa in today’s Financial Times (and I suspect elsewhere too). The FT article is based on comments by Philippe Maystadt, the president of the European Investment Bank (EIB): “Philippe Maystadt, the EIB’s president, said banks like his were operating in competition with Chinese lenders anxious […]

There follows a comment by me on the third world development from the 27 November issue of Fund Strategy. First we had Brics, now we have Chindia. The first term, coined by Jim O’Neill of Goldman Sachs in 2001, has become widely accepted as an acronym to cover Brazil, Russia, India and China. Chindia was […]

Today spiked has published an article by me on the redefinition of equality. In the past it used to be about raising the living standards of the masses to realise their full potential. Today it tends to mean attacks on “over-consumption” and support for various forms of rationing. The peg for my article is the […]

If you want to watch a video of me being interviewed about corruption immediately before the New York Salon meeting on 21 June this year click here.

Tory tossers

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24 Nov 2006

The Conservative party has launched a “tossers” website to help people avoid getting into debt over Xmas. It is designed to dissuade us from “overspending” by curbing our “inner tosser”. This initiative could, with some justification, be dismissed as a stupid stunt by an organisation which has lost any sense of political direction. But it […]

An astute although cynical article by Toby Young in the Spectator (“The social climber’s case for going green”, 25 November) on how conspicuous conservation has replaced conspicuous consumption. The rich used to flaunt their supposed superiority by consuming high profile luxury goods. Today, in contrast, they are desparate to highlight themselves as conservationist: “In The […]

An interesting article defending flying as one of the greenest ways to travel in today’s Guardian. Among the arguments put forward by Giovanni Bisignani, the director-general and chief executive officer of the International Air Transport Association: * Air travel currently accounts for only 2% of global carbon emissions. * The International Panel on Climate Change […]

There follows a comment by me on the legacy of Milton Friedman from the 20 November issue of Fund Strategy. Few people under the age of 40 are likely to have heard of Milton Friedman, the doyen of free market economics who died last week. Friedman was one of the key intellectual forces behind what […]

It looks like good news. Tomorrow ministers from the world’s richest and largest countries are due to sign an agreement to spend huge sums on an experimental nuclear fusion reactor. According to article on the BBC website: “On 21 November ministers from Europe, Japan, the People’s Republic of China, India, the Republic of Korea, the […]

China is increasingly being used to symbolise the supposed shortcomings of economic development. The advantages of greater development are being ignored, or at least downplayed, while the associated problems are being exaggerated. The New York Times has a typical piece along these lines today with an article headlined “A Troubled River Mirrors China’s Path to […]