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Spiked has published my article on the British government’s Stern Review on the economics of climate change. My piece can be viewed here.

Steve Milloy has written an interesting article on the Fox News website arguing that the British government’s Stern Review on the economics of climate change is based on “junk science”. Milloy contests the catastrophic “tipping point” scenario, on which the Stern Review’s economic conclusions are apparently based, as flawed. For Milloy the junk science embodied […]

I appeared on Sky News again this morning debating Ashok Sinha of Stop Climate Chaos. The subject of the debate was the announcement by David Miliband, the environment secretary, of a “climate revolution”. At the time of broadcast it was not clear what this would involve but it seems certain to be centred on the […]

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has published its latest Living Planet Report (PDF), its biennial statement on the state of the natural world. Its Living Planet Index suggests that global biodiversity has declined by 30% since 1970 and its Ecological Footprint indicates that the UK is living a “three planet lifestyle”. WWF’s UK website welcomes […]

Monitoring the alleged sins of modern life Evidently showering is good – it uses less energy than baths – but singing or thinking in the shower are bad. Time spent not actually cleaning yourself means using more energy which in turn means more global warming. According to a helpful press release (PDF) from Energy Australia, […]

Will Wilkinson, a policy analyst at the Cato Institute in Washington DC, has written a useful critique of a central assumption of “pro-happiness” thinkers. An article in Policy, the journal of Australia’s Centre for Independent Studies, argues “against the politics of relative standing”. It takes on one of the key arguments put forward by the […]

Mark Lynas has a cover story in the New Statesman on the need for carbon rationing which at least has the virtue of logical consistency. Rather than use euphemisms such as “mitigation”, as many environmentalists do, he is explicit in his demand for austerity. Like George Monbiot and Joss Garman – between them the three […]

Spiked has published my article on how the United Nations has co-opted Lonelygirl15, a popular internet character among teenagers, to win support for the Millennium Development Goals. The article can be viewed here.

One of the oddest arguments around at present is that we are facing a global water shortage. Michael Specter recently expressed this view in the 23 October issue of the venerable New Yorker. Although the article is not available on the website an online interview with him can be found there. Given there is so […]

Air travel is becoming a particular target for climate change campaigners. Although air transport currently only accounts for a small percentage of global emissions the proportion is expected to rise rapidly in the coming years. The question is discussed in more detail in a report (PDF) from Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute published yesterday. It […]