Campaign against Coke spreads to Britain

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28 Aug 2006

I discover today that the campaign against Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola has spread to Britain and America. A report in the Independent on 19 August said Sussex University was the first campus in the country to ban all Coca-Cola products from its students’ union:

“The decision to withdraw Coca-Cola from the university comes at a time when its products have already been banned in schools, as concerns rise about rates of obesity among children. Universities in the US have also banned Coca-Cola and a quarter of states in India have outlawed products following concerns that they contain 27 times the permitted levels of pesticides.

“Campaigners also claim that bottling plants in India have depleted local water tables and deprived farmers of their livelihoods. In Colombia and other South American states, the company has been accused of ignoring anti-union abuses at its factories.”

There is meant to be a campaign group called UK Students Against Coca-Cola but I cannot find a website for it.