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The Wall Street Journal has a substantial feature today reviewing the discussion of globalisation and inequality. It argues the standard case that incomes are rising in absolute terms but relative inequalities are growing too. Such widening inequalities are helping populist presidential candidates in Latin America and are worrying Chinese officials. The article cites a piece […]

Inequality is probably the greatest risk to Latin America according to the latest Latin America@Risk report from the World Economic Forum. Interestingly the report seems to express as much fear about perceived inequality as actual inequality. To quote the press release on the document: “Perhaps the region’s greatest ongoing concerns are social and economic inequalities […]

The new edition of the Economist (17 March) points out that America’s anti-climate change policy has led to riots over the rising price of tortillas in Mexico. As it explains: “Green energy is fat with subsidies. America’s ethanol subsidy, (which) has led to a huge rise in production, rocketing maize prices and consequent rioting in […]

A seminar held by the Organization of American States (OAS) yesterday showed how global inequality has been redefined. Rather than seeing economic development as positive in itself the emphasis is on poverty reduction as a way of maintaining social cohesion. It becomes recast as more to do with crime than economics. Quoting José Miguel Insulza, […]