Benefits Street episode three

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22 Jan 2014

Episode three of the Benefits Street documentary was relatively dull. To the extent there was a theme it was the relationship between parents and young children. Unfortunately the topic was not properly developed. The programme touched on state intervention in family life including a visit by a health visitor and by someone from Sure Start . A detailed exploration could have made fascinating television.

A couple of other more general points on the documentary series:

* An interesting comment by Simon Jenkins in the Guardian arguing that the whole of Britih society is in a sense on benefits.

* The claim that television is exhibitiong gross double standards by covering people on benefits but not “wealthy tax dodgers” and bankers is entirely unconvincing (see Owen Jones for an example of such an argument here ).  There are numerous examples of television programmes attacking bankers and tax dodging even if it does not usually follow the reality format. Both rich and poor are often demonised by the self-appointed guardians of middle Britain.