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31 Mar 2011

Limits to environmentalism 3 and Limits to environmentalism 4, Politicalclimate blog, by Matthew Lockwood. After a gap of over a year Matthew Lockwood, an associate director at the Institute for Public Policy Research, has written two more parts to his critique of Tim Jackson’s Prosperity Without Growth. For links to parts one and two see my blog posts of 27 February 2010 and 2 March 2010. I debated Jackson at last year’s Battle of Ideas festival and had a subsequent online exchange with him. Key “Jackson” into the search box.

Greens score big in key German state, Spiegel. A massive setback for Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, in Baden-Württemberg.

A punching bag no more, the American, by Kenneth P Green. Argues that the traditional thin plastic bag has better environmental performance and is probably safer for human health than the alternatives.

After the great quake, living with earth’s uncertainty, Yale Environment 360, by Verlyn Klinkenborg. Argues that humanity maintains a tenuous hold on a volatile planet.