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20 Mar 2011

Apologies for the lack of posting but I have been working on medium and longer term projects. Hopefully some of the results will be available before too long.

One piece available to read already is my recent blog post entitled “Japan’s magnificent resilience” on the Fund Strategy website (now rebranded fundweb). In broad terms it argues that Japan, including its nuclear industry, have performed incredibly well considering the scale of the disaster it has faced.

I will be abroad over the coming week, collecting material for another feature, so I may not be able to post. But two pieces to look out for:

* Monday – An extra-special comment in Fund Strategy and related articles in the magazine. It includes revelations showing the state of the British economy is even worse than previously assumed and living standards have been squeezed even harder.

* Friday – A book review in the FT Wealth section of the Financial Times.

Meanwhile, although I have not written about it, I cannot emphasise strongly enough how much I oppose western intervention in Libya. It can only make matters worse for the people of the country and the region as a whole. I commend the coverage in spiked and particularly the recent article by Sean Collins.