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12 Dec 2010

What resource curse?, Foreign Policy, by Charles Kenny. A development economist argues against the idea that the discovery of resource wealth is a “curse” for the country involved.

New mission for US military: break its dependence on oil, Yale Environment 360, by Louis Peck. The American military is investigating ways to conserve energy and develop renewable energy sources. Perhaps a better start would be to avoid stationing any troops overseas?

Ted Turner’s one-child bomb, Financial Post, by Peter Foster. A billionaire philanthropist and media mogul becomes has become yet another high profile figure willing to break a supposed “taboo” by expressing Malthusian arguments.

Where have all the capitalists gone?, Forbes, by Richard Salsman. A lament for the demise of support for capitalism.

African poverty is falling … much faster than you think, by Maxim Pinkovskiy and Xavier Sala-i-Martin.