Reminder: Jackson debate at Battle

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23 Oct 2010

A reminder that I will be debating Tim Jackson , the professor of sustainable development at the University of Surrey, tomorrow week on Prosperity without growth? at the Battle of Ideas festival weekend in London.

To get a quick idea of Jackson’s arguments they are summarised in his Ted lecture available to watch above. A lengthier video, first broadcast on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, is available here .

Jackson’s Prosperity without Growth is the closest I have come across to the direct opposite of Ferraris for All. There is no doubt that it is a lucid and sophisticated book. It was first published as a report from the Sustainable Development Commission – giving it at least a semi-official status.

When I first came across Jackson in person, at a public meeting at the RSA in London, he described me as “absolutely bonkers” (see 27 March 2010 post).