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11 Sep 2010

The United States of Inequality, Slate, by Timothy Noah. Start of a series looking at different dimensions of the discussion of inequality in America including government, immigration, race, technology and unions.

Reinvigorating the Millennium Development Goals, Finance & Development. A special issue of the International Monetary Fund’s publication looking at the (deeply flawed) international targets for development.

The environmentalist’s paradox that wasn’t a paradox, Climate Resistance, by Ben Pile. The author critically examines what he calls the “environmentalist’s paradox”: human well-being is improving globally but our environmental woes appear to be getting worse.

Mad Men: set in the Sixties, all about today, spiked, by David Bowden. “Mad Men speaks like no other show to contemporary Western middle-class ambivalence towards mass consumerism, material wealth, social freedom and the cult of the individual – and looks good into the bargain.”