Cell phones for all – nearly there

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3 Jul 2010

It is estimated that the world’s five billionth mobile phone will be connected this weekend according to an article in the Financial Times.

This is fantastic news as it means the world is more connected than ever before. The vast majority of the world’s population has the means to communicate with others over long distance.

This is a welcome development in both social and economic terms. It also illustrates the benefits of economic growth and the associated improvements in technology.

A slight note of caution. About a quarter of the five billion total will be accounted for by people owning duplicate devices (for example, a regular handset plus a Blackberry or an iPad). Therefore it would be incorrect to claim that three quarters of the world’s population owns a mobile.

Having said that many people without a mobile phone will still be able to gain access via a friend or relative.

The dream of mobiles for all is not that far away.

[Hat tip to Phillipe Legrain]