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9 May 2010

Sean Collins on capitalism. Spiked.  The author of the American Situation blog argues that contemporary “anti-capitalism” is the main barrier to progress today.

The economics of happiness, speech by Ben Bernanke. The chairman of the Federal Reserve takes on board the main premises of those who argue for happiness as a policy goal.

Organic’s footprint, the Rational Optimist, by Matt Ridley. One of Britain’s leading science writers celebrates the huge increase in yields achieved by modern farming. In contrast, feeding the world the organic way would mean no rainforests, hunger and high food prices.

Seeking status: embracing our selfish motives for buying green, the Ecologist, by Tom Levitt. The environmentalist publication wrestles with research showing consumers normally buy green for selfish reasons.

Solar power plant would lower desalination cost,  Gulf Times, by Adam Gonn.  How a combination of nanotechnologies and solar energy is making desalinated water much cheaper in Saudi Arabia.