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25 Apr 2010

Economist debate on GDP. Andrew Oswald (University of Warwick) defends the motion that GDP is a poor measure of living standards. Steve Landefeld (director of the National Bureau of Economic Research) disagrees.

Keynes, the straw man and this irrational, crazy, world, Culture Wars, by Rob Killick.

Beware the precautionary principle. Social Issues Research Centre.

Hubble space telescope’s 20th anniversary. Nature special.

Breeding cassava to feed the poor, Scientific American, by Nagib Nassar and Rodomiro Ortiz, (article truncated).

Nine-bin recycling system introduced, Telegraph, by Nick Collins.

The economist manifesto, New Statesman, by Amartya Sen.  (Compare Sen’s view with my post of 16 July 2006).