A pleasant surprise

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13 Apr 2010

I do not know of a more sanctimonious, smug and misanthropic newspaper than the Guardian. It epitomises the elite’s view of itself as liberal and cosmopolitan while everyone else is seen as ignorant, degenerate or both.

Having said that I was pleasantly surprised by an article published on the newspaper’s website on Sunday entitled “the fight against eco-imperialism”. In it Andrew Chambers, a teacher in the north of England, attacks the green outlook of environmental organisations such as Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and the WWF:

“With poverty redefined in terms of the environment and infused with pro-rural socialism, large-scale projects to industrialise or modernise are not the priority – indeed, western-style development and modernisation are seen as part of the problem. Instead there is a self-limiting bottom-up approach which subsidises underdevelopment not as a transitionary phase but as an end goal.”

If only the Guardian ran more articles like this to redress the huge imbalance in favour of the miserable green consensus.