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4 Apr 2010

Africa Calling: Can mobile phones make a miracle?, by Jenny C Aker and Issac M Mbiti. Boston Review.

Floating golf course where you can really sink a putt, by Judith Evans, Times (London). Also Seasteading: the great escape, by Eamon Fingleton, Prospect. [Floating islands as a way of adapting to climate change].

It’s time the UK had some atomic ambition, by Joe Kaplinsky, spiked. Kaplinsky also discussed atomic energy as part of a panel at the Battle of Ideas festival last October. Watch extracts on the Worldbytes channel.

Transforming sewage waste to biofuel with the Q Microbe, by Dan Schank. Ode magazine

Greg Barker gets a tickle from eco-caviar, by Marie Woolf, Sunday Times (London). [The perfect food for eco-toffs].