Avatar savaged

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4 Jan 2010

Bill Frezza, a partner at Adams Capital Management, has written a review on Real Clear Markets which is by far the most astute piece I have seen on Avatar. An extract from his article on James Cameron’s epic science fiction movie:

“I didn’t see him in the credits but Al Gore, earth’s first carbonless billionaire, must have been a script consultant. The arch villains are stick figure caricatures of greedy, baby-killing corporate capitalists. Unrepentant conquerors of nature, these amoral Halliburton proxies think nothing of shipping an army of mercenaries across interstellar space to plunder and pillage for profits. Do you think Cameron might still be suffering from a touch of Bush derangement syndrome?

“The heroes are pre-technological tribal environmentalists. They don’t just hug trees, they worship them. Living loin-cloth lives in harmony with nature, they are content to follow the mystical ways of their shaman, whose beautiful daughter of course falls in love with a crippled marine seeking redemption. Money and technology mean as little to the natives as written language, leaving aside what Ralph Nader might have to say about their dangerous pterodactyl piloting. Try as they might the ugly Americans can’t find anything to offer these noble savages in exchange for the valuable mineral deposits they’re sitting on, not even universal health care. Despite technical marvels half a century ahead of ours, mining technology has somehow degenerated back to the open pit horrors of the past. The wise and selfless scientists who have fallen in love with the natives are powerless to stop the inevitable conflict. Cut loose the dogs of war – cue tanks, bulldozers, and bombs!”

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